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Spousal support can be a complicated matter when income, debt, and children are involved. The law office of family law attorney Daniel R. Mintz  will help you determine the amount of spousal support you may be eligible to receive or expected to pay. The court considers re-marriage, co-habitation, change in income, and other factors when determining spousal support. Working closely with you, alimony lawyer Daniel R. Mintz evaluates your financial situation, advises you in regard to what you can claim, and prepares any necessary documentation required by the court.

Be prepared to defend your financial interests – contact Illinois spousal support lawyer Daniel R. Mintz today to schedule a free consultation. Located in Aurora, Mr. Mintz represents clients in Elgin, Naperville, Sycamore, West Chicago, Joliet, Geneva, Batavia, Wheaton, and surrounding areas.

Preparing For Your Spousal Support Hearing

The court will determine a reasonable level of spousal support based on your financial and work situation. In order to prepare your case, it’s important to collect the following kinds of information:

  • Pay stubs
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card and mortgage bills

Protecting Your Interests

Whether you are faced with paying spousal support or intend to request it, providing detailed, thorough income and financial information is important. If your job status has changed or if medical problems have affected your income, knowing what steps to take to verify information with the court is essential. It is important to remember that spousal support is court mandated – if you simply stop paying what the court has ordered you to pay, you could face garnishment of your wages and other consequences.

Questions? Contact the Law Office of Daniel R. Mintz Today

If you need information and legal counsel regarding spousal support, contact Illinois spousal support attorney Daniel R. Mintz today and schedule a free consultation to discuss the options available to you.

Located in Aurora, Illinois, the law office of Daniel R. Mintz represents clients in Elgin, Naperville, Sycamore, Yorkville, Montgomery, Joliet, Geneva, Wheaton, Batavia, West Chicago, and Bolingbrook, as well as in Kane County, DuPage County, Kendall County, DeKalb County, and Will County.

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