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Aurora, Illinois Immigration Attorney

Immigration can be a confusing and frustrating process. Immigration lawyer Daniel R. Mintz provides legal guidance and representation for people interested in obtaining citizenship and permanent residency. Collecting required documentation and preparing medical, financial, and personal information, Mr. Mintz guides clients through every step of immigration and naturalization processes, ensuring all paperwork is in order. Avoiding delays and preventing problems, Mr. Mintz explains what must be done and what information must be provided to ensure applications for green cards and permanent residency are not rejected or sent back.

Save time and money and avoid delays – contact Aurora, Illinois immigration attorney Daniel R. Mintz today. Representing clients in Joliet, West Chicago, Batavia, Montgomery, Wheaton, Bolingbrook, and Geneva, Mr. Mintz provides free consultations to discuss your case and present your options.

Immigration and Naturalization

Immigration lawyer Daniel R. Mintz advises, counsels, and represents clients in regard to the following immigration issues:

  • Citizenship
  • Naturalization
  • Interview process
  • Collecting records
  • Permanent residency

Being Prepared

Given the bureaucratic nature of the US Citizenship and Naturalization Services office, it’s crucial that your papers, records, and files are in order. As your immigration lawyer, Daniel R. Mintz can save you time and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with hearings, interviews, and meetings by simply ensuring you are prepared with everything you need. Additionally, having an attorney representing you indicates to immigration officials the level of your seriousness and willingness to adhere to proper procedures and protocols.

Making a Difference

If you have questions or concerns regarding naturalization, citizenship requirements, or permanent residency, contact Aurora, Illinois immigration attorney Daniel R. Mintz today. Mr. Mintz explains what is involved, how to avoid problems, and prepares his clients for all necessary hearings and interviews. Providing peace of mind and assurance, Daniel R. Mintz can help you remove the uncertainty involved – call today.

Located in Aurora, Illinois, the law office of Daniel R. Mintz represents clients in Elgin, Naperville, Sycamore, Yorkville, Montgomery, Joliet, Geneva, Wheaton, Batavia, West Chicago, and Bolingbrook, as well as in Kane County, DuPage County, Kendall County, DeKalb County, and Will County.

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